Saturday, July 20, 2013

Audrey's Children

An Untitled Poem about Audrey Smith Barclay
by Shirley Barclay Rust

Never a mother so loving,
In every little way
Never a mother so humble
And faithful every day.

Helping with our problems
As we grew from day to day
Righting all our daily wrongs
Only helping us grow strong
Loving us beyond where
Duty calls.

Prayers for our repentance
Allowing us our freedoms
Urging us to grow up to be
Loved by one and all.

Many tears she shed for us
Although we didn't know
Rather we were more concerned
That we could go to a picture show.
Happy when we were happy
And sad when we were sad.

Wonder how that Mom of ours
Always seemed to know our faults
Yet loved us in spite of them,
Never doubting our abilities,
Even when we did.

Only yesterday it seems
Loving arms reached out
And gathered me in full embrace,
Never faltering.

All of us are grown up now,
Ladies and gents are we,
And Mother, still our guiding light,
Needs our love to make her day bright.

God in His mercy gave us a
Loving, faithful mother,
Ever ready to show she cared, providing
Nourishment, both physical and spiritual,
Nurturing in every way she knew.

Surely, in His infinite wisdom, God made
Heaven a wonderful place and
Insured for our mom, as well as others,
Yes, God surely made our mother.


The First Four ...

Left to Right:  Harold, Martha, Nina, Paul

The Next Four ...

Left to right: Olan, Glenn, Wayne, Alan

And The Baby:


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