Friday, May 24, 2013

When the Sun Sets Red

by Audrey Barclay

When the sun sets red fair weather is ahead
Say the sailors as they sail the sea.
But a red sunrise in the morning skies
Means a storm will soon be raging on the deep.
So on that day in May, just at the close of day
When I met you and gazed into your eyes
I knew I loved you true, and that you loved me too,
Then I kissed you while the sun set red.

When the sun set red in the evening
I asked you if you'd be my bride
And the sun set red in the evening
As we said our vows while we stood side by side.
So when we are grey and old, memories of love our gold
I shall love you while our sun sets red.

It was on an autumn day that I heard the parson say
As the sun sank in the western sky:
"Let no man put asunder." And I gazed at you in wonder
For you were such a bonny, blushing bride.
Then I gave my heart, anew, vowed forever I'd be true
That the omen God had given us would last.
And I blessed that happy day; happiness had come to stay
For I wed you while the sun set red.


Editor's Note:  It's interesting to me that Grandma wrote this poem from a man's point of view. Makes me wonder if she wrote it just for the sake of writing or, perhaps, on behalf of one of the men in her life. A son maybe? 

If she did "ghostwrite" it for another person, she wouldn't have been the only member of our family to have done that. Her third child (my father) once acknowledged that he'd earned extra money that way. If you're interested in that story, you can click here to read it.

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