Friday, April 19, 2013

My Hobby

by Audrey Barclay

My hobby, if I may so characterize my favorite indulgence, is writing letters. Not business or "duty" letters, but strictly personal letters; letters I write for the sheer enjoyment I find in expressing myself on paper. I trust the recipients derive as much from reading them.

I frankly admit I'm very temperamental, and only write when in that certain mood. I am likely to find myself writing at dawn, midday, or any other hour of the day or night. As a matter of fact, I seem better able to exercise my imagination during the wee sma' hours than any other. It is there I can rid my mind of any and all thoughts that have accumulated throughout the day, whether I am writing to my bosom friend or a pen-pal whom I've only met through the medium of our letters.

Some of my most enjoyable experiences in correspondence have been with people whom I have never seen, and probably never shall. I confess, I often wonder if, in the event circumstances should ever bring me face to face with my unknown correspondents, the reality would prove much different from the word-pictures we have been building of our personalities. At any rate, I find it much easier to indulge my yen for fancy phrases with them. When I try such pleasures on my family and friends, they accuse me of "putting on airs."

Many valued friendships are made, and kept alive and growing throughout the years through letters. I value those I've made; I hope they value me.


Editor's Note: Click on the images below to enlarge them and read this essay as it was written in Audrey's own hand.

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